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Monday, March 1, 2010

Indepence Iowa Tea Party

This weekend Will made his way to Independence, Iowa to support a local Tea Party group who had gathered to draw attention to the federal deductability tax. Despite the chilly wind, nearly eighty people gathered to challenge the "tax on a tax" (HF807); the removal of federal deductability on your taxes.
Will and other Dubuque Tea Party members participated by making speeches, holding signage and discussing the issues that affect Iowa politics today. Sustaining federal deductability is only part of the challenges that face Iowa today; with fiscal conservatism wanting on the federal level, it is important for states to take responsibility for maintaining a healthy budget. To this end, Will talked with the members about Iowa's need to maintain a zero-based budget, with greater accountability from state programs. Having programs justify themselves each budget cycle is an important tool to limit the power of government and conserve the state resources. Will has continued to support constitutionally-minded groups like the Independence Tea Party since his campaign began, and looks forward to representing their views in Congress.